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Daimant creates bespoke aluminium bifold doors to suit your personal specifications

Sliding and folding doors



Why bifold?

The integral beauty of aluminium bifold doors is that they have been crafted to take up minimal space in your home by completely sliding and folding open instead of doors just opening outwards. The space created between the indoors and outdoors is seamless and brings the beauty of nature into your home.

Our bifold doors provide an exceptional enhancement to any home.

But why stop there?

When it comes to our products Daimant prides itself on being both imaginative and innovative.
Bifolds are also a fantastic addition for a summer house, an outdoor office or even an indoor swimming pool in your garden!


Frequent Questions about Bi-fold doors:

How much does standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors cost?

the prices for standard sizes aluminium bi-fold doors are:
2400 mm x 2100 mm - £2,290.00
3000 mm x 2100 mm - £2,440.00
4000 mm x 2100 mm - £2,980.00
2What are standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors?

Our standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors are :
2400 mm x 2100 mm
3000 mm x 2100 mm
4000 mm x 2100 mm
3What are the standard colours for aluminium bi-fold doors

Standard colours for aluminium bi-fold doors are:
The most popular colour is white and grey
white been associate with, clean, big, classic
grey been associate with slim, elegant, new, modern
4How much does bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors cost?
Price for bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors vary base on:
We can't provide u with a specific price but to help figure how much will cost you is around £1000 / 1 m
5Should bi-fold doors open in or out?

Our aluminium bi-fold doors can be open in or out.
6How long does it take to install aluminium bi-fold doors?

We install in the same day we deliver them.
7How long does the guarantee for aluminium bi-fold doors last for?

The Guarantee for aluminium bi-fold doors last for 10 years

Our bifold doors

Daimant bifold doors are designed in Scandinavia. Elegant and minimalistic our sturdy frames are only 60mm wide, meaning you can open and close them effortlessly to bring light into your home. Built from aluminium their high standard thermal barrier system keeps warmth in when needed.

High quality

By choosing Daimant products you will receive high quality installation, with a high quality service and one of the best quality products and support.


Our bifold doors are hung the top

Product info

construction: thermally broken aluminium
insulation: Uw value of 1.8 (W = 1.8k/m2)
glazing: toughened double or triple glazed Low-E units, all glass types up to 42mm thick possible. In-glazed blinds available on request
frame finish: a wide range of colours with the option of different colours inside and out
standard colours :White, Grey, Black
Cardanic rollers with stainless steel ball bearings
All ironmongery parts constructed of stainless steel or aluminium.
Folding Doors can be folded to the inside or outside, to the left or to the right.
The effect of dirt accumulating in the floor track is considerably reduced with this option.

Bifold doors

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