Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

First of all you can benefit of reduce price for standard size aluminium white or grey shop bi-fold doors.

You can choose opening  either left or right, in or out and all include one traffic door.

Pane are internally beaded improving  security and glazed with 24 mm argon filled toughened clear sealed units.

Hinges and black and handles are  white or black.

All traffic doors have a full cylinder with handles in and out.

Includes a low threshold of 31 mm and a 3 mm cill pressing.

The sizes shown are doors sizes so the openings need to be 12 mm bigger.

Quality Bi-fold Doors 

Elegant and minimalistic our sturdy frames are only 60 mm wide, meaning you can open and close them effortlessly to bring light into your home. Built from aluminium their high standard thermal barrier system keeps warmth in when needed.

Cardanic rollers with stainless steel ball bearings.
Also all ironmongery parts constructed of stainless steel or aluminium.
Furthermore folding Doors can be folded to the inside or outside, to the left or to the right.
As a result the effect of dirt accumulating in the floor track is considerably reduced with this option.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors White or Grey Quality thermally broken shop aluminium bi-folding doors at standard sizes.

Even more 10 years guarantee

How much does standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors cost?

seems like the prices for standard sizes aluminium bi-fold doors are: 
2400 mm x 2100 mm – £2,290.00 
3000 mm x 2100 mm – £2,440.00 
4000 mm x 2100 mm – £2,980.00

What are standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors?

because Our standard sizes for aluminium bi-fold doors are : 
2400 mm x 2100 mm 
3000 mm x 2100 mm 
4000 mm x 2100 mm

What are the standard
so colours for aluminium bi-fold doors
Standard colours for aluminium bi-fold doors are: 
The most popular colour is white and grey
white been associate with, clean, big, classic
grey been associate with slim, elegant, new, modern

How much does bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors cost?Price for bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors vary base on: 
We can’t provide u with a specific price but to help figure how much will cost you is around £1000 / 1 m

Should bi-fold doors open in or out?
Our aluminium bi-fold doors can be open in or out.

How long does it take to install aluminium bi-fold doors?
We install in the same day we deliver them
due to.

Finally Prices include installation into prepared openings in the South Wales region

How long does the guarantee for aluminium bi-fold doors last for?
The Guarantee for aluminium bi-fold doors last for 10 years


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