A conservatory is the perfect choice for providing extra living space whilst seamlessly bringing a touch of nature into your home. The sky really becomes the limit with a room that adds 360° light all year round. Whether you use it for entertaining purposes, as a place to gather and relax as a family or somewhere to star gaze at night your new conservatory will be a welcome addition to your home. We have a vast range of modern designs and alternatives to make your conservatory your own. With our range of windows, doorways and roofs we can create an extension that is unique to you and your home enhancing its look and complementing its surroundings.

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Then what better way to obtain this than with a new conservatory?

Conservatories by roof type:



A tiled roof will add privacy to a conservatory and boost its thermal performance. Our modern tiled roof structures feature three layers of insulation with a beautiful finish that adds character to your home. The LEKA roof system is 40% lighter than any standard tiled roof. Its tiles are created in such an innovative way it is impossible for water to penetrate through them.


The LEKA warm roof system can be set up as part of a new conservatory or simply to replace an existing roof. A variety of designs including: Edwardian, Georgian, (Lean-to )Tudor and Victorian means that you are sure to discover a roof that perfectly complements your conservatory and home. Our LEKA conservatories are designed to ensure that no matter the season the temperature will be just right; preserving warmth in the winter and remaining cool in the summer thus providing a comfy home for you to experience in every season! Velux windows can be installed for extra light and ventilation purposes.

LEKA warm roof Innovative solution for you conservatory to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be installed on a new conservatory or you can have roof replacement only transform your conservatory in to an extra living place all year round with our warm leka roof. Velux windows can be installed for extra light and ventilation purposes

Any style conservatories can have a : glass roof, poly roof or Leka roof

Conservatories style

Lean-to conservatory

A lean-to conservatory brings summer into your home taking advantage of more natural light and offering panoramic view of the sky.

Edwardian conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory is practical and spacious and will make a captivating addition to any property.

Victorian conservatory

This incredibly popular design is both beautiful and elegant and suits all types of house design.

Georgian conservatory

A traditional eighteenth century design, a Georgian conservatory provides a large quantity of light.