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Why Leka

We designed the Leka Roof to outperform as well as outlast common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. If you have a glazed or polycarbonate roofing system on your conservatory, you may find the space too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The reason for this is poor roof insulation. It is also common for homeowners to find glare in the winter and summer unbearable. The Leka System solves both these issues with proper insulation set into a solid, tiled conservatory roof. This creates a more usable space year-round. The Leka System is far superior to competitor systems. It delivers the performance, efficiency and longevity of your normal roof, and crucially, looks very similar. You can have a concrete effect or slate effect tile in a wide range of colours.

Leka Tiled Conservatory Roof Systems

Considering a new conservatory and want to be able to use it all year? Or perhaps you own a conservatory and find it too hot in the summer or freezing in the winter? Developed by industry professionals, the Leka Systems product range can offer immediate assistance and provide the solution you have been looking for. When you specify a Leka tiled roof, you will benefit from in depth research, enormous investments and precision engineering, all helping to create the best replacement roof for your conservatory.

Stylish Interiors, tailor made for you

Our experienced staff understand that each property has it’s own style with your vision in mind. Whether it’s for entertaining the guests at your next dinner party or cosying up with a cup of tea and a book. With a Leka system, you have the room to breathe and relax in your brand new, tailor made space…… not forgetting you can now use it all year round.

Enjoy Your Conservatory

The Benefits All Year Round

The Leka, Lightweight tiled conservatory roof is a revolution in the glass and glazing industry. It is providing owners of tired, old and energy inefficient conservatories with a radical solution to extreme temperature fluctuations they currently experience.

The Benefits

Warm and cosy in the Winter
Cool and relaxing in the Summer
Fast fitting with minimal disturbance
Structurally tested GRP framework
No Timber = No moisture absorption/rotting
Lightweight structure, ideal for installation on
conservatory framework
Industry leading energy values
Building regulations compliant

Styles of Leka Tiled Conservatory Roofs

The Leka roof is very diversified and can cater for almost any design of conservatory.
See below a small sample of roof designs/shapes we can cater for and don’t forget to ask one of the team about any other concepts you have in mind.

Elements of a Leka Roof

The Leka Roof’s frame (made up of rafters, a ring beam and ridge) is made from glass-reinforced plastic. GRP is a composite with tensile strength greater or equal to steel. Yet it will never corrode or rot. Nor will it shrink or warp. It’s the perfect choice for a roof which is why we chose it. Other materials cannot beat it.

1Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass Reinforced Plastic ( GRP )

We call them ‘Leka boards’ because we established the benefits for the Leka roof purpose. These are fitted beneath the GRP rafters. They are a third the weight of standard plasterboard, more thermally efficient and 100% waterproof, so will never degrade. They can be skimmed the same as plasterboard for a perfect finish.
2Internal Leka Boards

Internal Leka Boards

We tested a wide number of insulation sheets before choosing a small number of brands. In our opinion, these are the best insulation products on the market. The sheets are fitted with a 15mm gap from the Leka boards to create a warm air pocket. This provides high value thermal efficiency. Each sheet is perfectly cut for your roof.
3Insulation Sheets

Insulation Sheets

Next, strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are installed onto the rafters, covering up the construction beneath. The outer sheets are also made of high-grade plastic and XPS foam. They are significantly lighter than any other covering board, 100% waterproof, and have a longer life than plywood boards. This makes them far superior.
4External Leka Boards

External Leka Boards’

Next, strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are installed onto the rafters, covering up the construction beneath. The outer sheets are also made of high-grade plastic and XPS foam. They are significantly lighter than any other covering board, 100% waterproof, and have a longer life than plywood boards. This makes them far superior.
5Engineered Tiles

Engineered Tiles

Of course, the extensive engineering time we put into developing the GRP for our lightweight tiled conservatory roof would be pointless if the tiles on top of it added too many kilos of weight. We found the solution in engineered tiles, which are strong, durable and available in a wide range of different colours. We offer two engineered tiles: Our tiles which mimic concrete, and our slate tiles which mimic slate. These are lighter than real concrete or slate tiles but just as durable. They are suitable for roof pitches as low as 15 degrees and require no more maintenance than regular roof tiles. Importantly, they look good and offer a close match to the existing roof on most homes for aesthetic continuity. The Leka roof compares favourably to other lightweight roof systems for conservatories and is probably the best system of its kind.
6Safe And Sound

Safe And Sound

There are no restrictions other than the pitch of the roof to be installed as well as what lies beneath your existing conservatory roof and this is governed by the rules of physics. We at Leka Systems have seen every type of roof structure you can imagine over the years and also some roofs that are simply unsafe, due to the pitch and construction. With this in mind, all of our UK retailers, manufacturers and distribution partners have strict guidelines issued to them before installing any of our systems we provide to them.

Roof Vents

The Leka roof system can be complimented by a number of highly engineered roof vents to suit your properties orientation, appearance and light requirement. Roof ventilation also helps your space remain fresh when additional air movement is sought after in particularly aggressive weather environments. The ambient lighting section is fine, however the roof picture on the bottom is not a tiled roof, it’s an orangery and will need changing

Ambient Lighting

For the perfect touch to any room, ambient lighting is the perfect compliment. With our wide range of spot lighting, positioned to the most optimal places. This will allow your new room to be enjoyable from morning til night.

Lightweight Composite Plastic Slate

For centuries, slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. With authentic surfaces and edges, our Slate highlights the handsome character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design. Unlike natural slate, the Leka roofing slate won’t break or delaminate and comes with a 40-year Warranty. Our BBA Certified Slate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style.

Lightweight Concrete Tile Replica

Offering the rooftop quality and style, our Shingle, tiles have been designed with a unique hidden fix system that also enables the product to provide a seamless finish between tiles when completed. Not only are these tiles, pre-cut at factory level for accuracy but are incredibly lightweight in comparison to concrete, so work well with the Leka roof system. We have a variety of colours available to replicate a traditional concrete tile finish and can install our tiles down to 15 degrees in pitch.


The LEKA Warm Roof has been engineered through innovative methods, highly technical design protocols and practical experience to create the best conservatory roof system.

Thermal Efficiency

If your conservatory has a glass or poly-carbonate roof, it is not as thermally efficient as it could be. You may have noticed your conservatory gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is because of inadequate insulation. You may even have a draught coming from the roof. This is because of gaps between materials. In older systems these often form over time due to a loss in roof rigidity. In newer systems poor design is the lead cause. By and large though, most roofing systems have poor thermal efficiency because they are not well insulated. The by-product of this for you is your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The Leka Roof’s solid construction is insulated like the roof on your house. This is much better for thermal efficiency and temperature regulation.


There are so many technical benefits that the LEKA Warm Roof offers:

Truly Lightweight

The truly lightweight tiled conservatory roofing system (no smoke screens). We do not brand the new LEKA Warm Roof as a lightweight roofing system without the facts to back it up, whilst subsequent competitor products actually weigh nearly double that of a traditional glass conservatory roof.

Better Lifespan

Using either a Metrotile lightweight sheet for your outer finish of your new sunroom or a Tapco slate alternative you can rest assured that the product provides better lifespan to a heavy alternative tile and is lighter than that of concrete or traditional slate.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Using GRP or glass reinforced plastic allows a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber when providing the main structural roof rafters. GRP is not at risk of sweating/condensation or cold bridging like aluminium. Nor is GRP open to wood worm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timber. The LEKA Warm Roof Structural profiles are manufactured and comply with BS EN 13706. There are so many technical benefits that the LEKA Warm Roof offers:

Improved Efficiency

Having a load bearing structural insulated and weatherproof outer sheet allows the use of less roofing bars and so our roof bars can be spaced further apart which reduces weight and also improves energy efficiency levels.

More Innovation

With innovative products throughout and combining insulated sheets with Celotex insulation the LEKA Warm Roof has less elements to install onsite which speeds up your installation timings with average installation only taking 2-3 days including removal of your old conservatory roof.

Industry Leading U-Value

The LEKA Warm Roof has an industry leading U-Value of 0.15. Making the LEKA Warm Roof virtually unbeatable in its Market. Unlike competitor systems achieving only a U-Value of 0.18, we do not just add excessive quantities of thick insulation to overcome thermal bridging – conductivity issues when using aluminium, or moisture absorption when using timber, our system is engineered much better. Every layer and product element is implemented to not just suit its primary purpose, but to be more insulated naturally and have no thermal conductivity elements, making the LEKA Warm Roof one of the most superior systems. Within 30-40kg Of A Traditional Glass Roof Average LEKA Warm Roof weigh within 30-40kg of a traditional glass conservatory roof which allows (in most cases) your existing conservatory frames to take the weight of your new LEKA Warm Roof.

LEKA Insulated Board

With our own LEKA insulated finishing board replacing the need for plasterboard as the internal finish prior to plastering, this new innovative board is a third the weight of a plasterboard and insulated at the same time.

No Outer Plywood Needed

Removing the usual need for an outer plywood material which again is open to deterioration over a period of time and replacing with the new LEKA structural, 100% weatherproof, lightweight insulated boarding system reduces the overall weight of the roofing system and improves the overall U-Values of the finished product.


A conservatory is a beautiful light filled room where it’s a pleasure to spend time. A calming space that enhances your lifestyle and gives you that valuable extra living space, adding value to your home. But have you considered how you will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter? By choosing a conservatory fitted with a LEKA Warm Roof you will have a conservatory that is a room to be enjoyed all year round. What’s more, because it has all the looks of a traditional extension, it will be a seamless addition to the home. Read on to find out how a conservatory with a LEKA Warm Roof can offer you more than you thought a conservatory could.


A simple guide on how the LEKA Warm Roof layers are put together.


The LEKA Warm Roof has been designed and engineered to offer you so much more. It is a truly lightweight tiled conservatory roof with an overall U-Value of just 0.15. This makes the LEKA Warm Roof one of the most lightweight and energy efficient roofs on the market today and offers the perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. The roof is engineered and installed in layers offering the ultimate in energy efficiency. Not only will this offer savings on your energy bills but will help reduce your carbon footprint. And you will notice you have a quieter room too thanks to the improved insulation that the LEKA Warm Roof offers.


Although the LEKA Warm Roof is a technically superior roofing system, the aesthetics and beauty of the roof haven’t been ignored.
With a choice of tile or slate means you can select the colour and style to complement the existing roof on your home creating a seamless, beautiful finish. You can also choose from Victorian, Edwardian, Gable Ended, Lean To or P Shaped designs, so you can create a style that suits your home. GABLE ENDED LEAN TO EDWARDIAN P SHAPED VICTORIAN


If you are finding your existing conservatory roof is not working for you, then the LEKA Warm Roof can be retro-fitted onto your existing conservatory. A new LEKA Warm Roof will simply transform your conservatory and give you the room you have always dreamed of.

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