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PVCu patio doors

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Composite doors
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Residential doors

Patio Doors

The classic Patio Door offers a number of benefits, with extra light and a feeling of space in your home being the most notable.
As a result of this, patio doors are well suited to many around-the-home applications.
Our low threshold doors create a seamless access point from house to garden, giving you a greater sense of space - perfect for a summer BBQ or winter party.
A patio door with a midrail allows for the installation of a letter plate - ideal for porch applications.
All our patios come with superior security fittings (Anti jacking system, 4 point hook lock and reinforced frames), yet despite these features, the easy-glide doors carry slim sightlines allowing you to see less frame and more garden.

Patio and French doors

Link the inside and outside

Whether it’s looking through the glass while being snug and warm inside or opening the doors to let the outside in, our patio and French doors help you make the most of your garden.
After all, if you’ve chosen patio or French doors it’s because you want to look at what’s outside, not at the door.
Viewed from the inside or out, our patio and French doors will transform the look of your rooms and your home.
Illuminating interiors with natural light, providing comfort from the elements and affording security with peace of mind, our choice of doors will bring outstanding performance and long lasting results.
Manufactured from the latest PVC-U technology and fitted with high security hardware as standard, our patios and French doors offer security with improved thermal and acoustic insulation.
Coupled with low maintenance properties, you really can sit back and enjoy your doors for years to come.

French Doors

French Doors extend your home, bringing extra light and the illusion of more space. They create an attractive opening to a garden or patio with minimal obstruction.
As a homeowner you will be able to enjoy a better view of the outdoors all year round.
French Doors are also ideal for partition wall applications - from a kitchen to a conservatory area for example.
Available in a range of coloured and woodgrain finishes to perfectly complement your home.

‘Our patio doors are available in two, three and four pane options’.

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