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Residential doors

PVCu patio doors
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Residential doors

A warm welcome

Your front door makes an important statement. It’s the first thing people see so you want it to be stylish and welcoming. But you also want it to be strong and secure because not all visitors are welcome ones.
The residential doors in our range have been designed to match our window styles so you can create a streamlined and sophisticated look for your home, while strong security comes as standard for total peace of mind.

Personalise your doors

Opt for inward or outward opening depending on what you need. Add single or double sidelights or fanlights to create a distinctive look.
Match the glass and glazing styles to your home: from leaded lights to decorative glass, you can create the perfect design.

Back doors

Making the back of your home as beautiful as the front

We all know how important it is to keep the front of your home looking smart. But what about the back? Our range of back doors and stable doors will help make the back of your home look as good as the front.
Our PVC-U back doors provide a practical and stylish solution designed to match our windows for a seamless look. Like most people, you’ll probably make much more use of the back door of your home so it deserves, at least, as much attention as the front.
With a wide range of colours, glass and hardware options to personalise your choice, your back door suites in perfectly with your property style. And as both doors are designed with energy efficiency and security in mind, you can keep the warmth in and cold and intruders out.

Stable doors

Our energy efficient and low maintenance stable doors give you all the benefits of modern technology with classic, traditional looks.
No longer the exclusive preserve of the country cottage, stable doors are now popular in all kinds of homes regardless of their style.
With their unique design, stable doors allow ventilation to enter a room when the top door section is in the open position.
Manufactured from the latest PVC-U technology the stable doors offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation while fitted with high security locking throughout.

Residential Doors

Residential doors are the perfect choice for both front and back doors.
We stock a wide variety of decorative PVC-U door panels and glass units for you to create a truly unique entrance to your home.
Side panels, aluminium low thresholds (Part ‘M’ compliant) and midrail letterplates are all options available on the residential door - as too is our exclusive range of coloured hardware.

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