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Flush sash windows

Casement-Window daimant
Casement windows
Vertical sliding windows

Flash sash windows

Brilenty design to replace your old wooden window keeping that wooden style saving you from wet seal damp and draft bringing your home to A standards energy efficient
multi-chamber frame
sound proof
thermal insulation
wind proof
water proof
low maintenance
reinforce sections with steel and aluminium
high security multi-point locks
10 Year warranty

Flash sash windows

The sleek FlushSash with Slim Sightlines offers the next level to homeowners with virtually no sightlines. Our patent pending concealed mullion ensures a slick looking window with all the modern benefits of PVC-u. Slim sightlines are usually found on timber windows making the FlushSash an ideal alternative or replacement to tired looking timber windows.

Thermal performance

Flush Sash can return an A rated casement window using an intermediate outer frame, and at its top specification can achieve an A+ rating.

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