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Tilt and turn windows

The Tilt and Turn window offers flexibility in a wide range of designs and style options. Double way opening very practical weatherproof multi-chamber frame acoustic insulation thermal insulation wind proof water proof low maintenance reinforce sections with steel and aluminium high security multi-point locks 10 Year warranty

Tilt and turn windows are as adaptable and practical as you need them to be. Tilt them to ventilate a room without compromising security. Turn them when you want to open them fully and let fresh air flood in. They are perfect when you need a wide opening, which makes them ideal when you need to think about fire escapes.
Tilt and Turn windows provide the ideal solution for locations where window safety and window access may be an issue. The unique concealed hardware design means that the window can be set in one of two positions, either tilted or fully opening inwards. As a result of the unique properties of the tilt and turn window, they are ideal for apartments or flats, from the ground floor up, allowing for ventilation and easy cleaning from within the property
Manufactured from the latest PVC-u technology, your new tilt and turn windows will provide both excellent thermal and acoustic insulation while utilising high security window hardware for your total peace of mind and protection.
Alongside their practical benefits, tilt and turn windows offer a wealth of design benefits too. A choice of styles, finishes, glass and handles means your windows can be as individual as you are.

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